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A small sample of the problems MISTER Fix-It can help you with.


NO CHARGE for a Chat..  Call me, I can usually give you answers to technical questions and help remove any doubts you may have about your project or repair.

My Basic Service Fee for any call within 15 Miles of Downtown Elmira is $49.00.

That covers my costs for vehicle, tools, and getting my body and brain to your home.

My Labor rate is $48.00 Per Hour, plus any materials or parts needed.


The Chart below lists a few examples of the kinds of things I can do and a general idea of what specific repairs may cost.




REPAIR &  INSTALL all Brands of Major Appliances


REPLACE Existing Dishwasher

REPLACE  Washer or Dryer

REPLACE Icemaker

REPLACE  Hot Water Tank.

REPLACE Faucet Set 


Install Water Filter 

Small Carpentry Jobs

Small Plumbing Jobs

Brick / Stone Work

General Skilled Maintenance




$48.00 / Hour Labor

 PLUS Parts & Materials
$129.00 plus materials
$79.00 Plus Materials
$79.00 Plus Materials

$149.00 Plus Materials
$99.00 Plus Materials
$129.00 Plus Materials

$99.00 Plus Materials
$48.00/Hr. Plus Materials
$48.00/Hr. Plus Materials
$48.00/Hr. Plus Materials
$48.00/Hr. Plus Materials


OR - MISTER Fix-It will work as your AGENT.

For a small fee, (Usually about $100.00) I will help you plan your project and find a reliable and qualified contractor.  I will supervise all work to assure your wishes are respected and inspect the completed job to make certain all work is done properly, BEFORE you make the final payment!

WHAT IF your project is too big?  I am happy to recommend reliable local contractors.

I will try to give you an ESTIMATE on the phone, but many of the services I offer will obviously require a visit to your home to assess your specific needs.

I charge a SERVICE FEE of $49.00 to cover my basic expenses, Truck, Tools, Fuel, Office, Etc. 


I will give you the most accurate estimate possible and promise not to exceed my estimate without your written authorization for any changes to our contract.

PLEASE REMEMBER, I cannot guarantee any estimate beyond a week or so, as prices for materials are very volatile.

SO Brew a pot of Coffee and let's sit down together and Chat...
ideas may cost less than you think.