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AFTER nearly 40 years as owner/operator of  several small business enterprises, I decided it was time to retire in 2006... GUESS WHAT?

I became bored with watching TV and petting my cat all day!

So... I PONDERED what to do..

(1)  I don't want to get up too early or work too late.

(2)  I don't want to be bossed around by some kid with a ring poked through his or her face.
(3)  I'm too grumpy to be a GREETER for Wal-Mart
(4)  I am too well educated and too lazy to work for McDonalds.(But I could pass the drug test!)
(5) Despite my plethora of skills, I am too old and too cantankerous to work for anyone else.
(6) that only leaves THIS...
I'm BACK TO WORK as the semi-famous MISTER Fix-It!

I specialize in Appliance Service, Houshold Repairs and Small Projects that are too difficult for the average home owner to tackle, but not profitable enough for a full service Carpenter, Plumber, or General Contractor to bother with.

Operating a Service and Home Repair Business is not easy.  However, I keep it very simple… It's just me and my TOOLS!

Call MISTER Fix-It and experience a significant  difference in convenience and responsiveness. Believe it or not... Appointments that fit YOUR SCHEDULE!

I look forward to meeting you and I promise that Mister Fix-It is the BEST SOLUTION for many home owner's problems.



I cannot possibly list ALL the things MISTER Fix-It CAN do for you, but I hope this little WEB SITE will give you some of the information you need and if you have any questions......  PLEASE CALL 607-767-6769 and ask for JOHN


LINDA, My Darlin' Wife of 31 years will Vouch for me..